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Summer Olympics

Latest news in the world of Badminton.

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Part of the Olympics since Barcelona 1992, badminton is the world's fastest racket sport; the flight of the shuttlecock has been recorded at speeds of over 260km/h.

It stands to reason that the players need plenty of speed, agility, lightning-fast reflexes and plenty of stamina to keep up with the game at its highest level.

Especially popular in Asia and Europe, badminton first appeared in the mid-19th century, having evolved from the game battledore and shuttlecock; which can be traced back to ancient Greece, China, Japan and India.

Badminton - Olympic Competition

There are five events in Olympic badminton: men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

Each event involves a single-elimination tournament, with the top eight players or pairs seeded.

A badminton match is won on a best of three games; with the toss of a coin deciding who serves, to start the game.

Only the serving side can score points.

The winning team needs 15 points in doubles matches and men's singles, and 11 points in women's singles.

Badminton - Olympic Greats

Fei Ge and Jun Gu, from Chjina, completely destroyed their opposition in the women's doubles at Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000.

Gu played as the backcourt attacker while Ge protected the net.

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Badminton Links

International Badminton Federation:
Manor Park Place, Rutherford Way, Cheltenham, GL51 9TU, United Kingdom.
The official home of world badminton.

Badminton Associactions

Badminton Association of England:
The BAofE is badminton's governing body in England and actively promotes and encourages its development from grass roots, through local leagues and county organisations to the National Squad.

Badminton Australia:
Promoting the game of badminton in Australia.

Badminton Canada:
The members of Badminton Canada look to Badminton Canada as the body responsible for developing world class Canadian badminton players capable of competing favourably in all major national and international tournaments.

USA Badminton:
The national governing body for the sport of badminton in the United States, oversees all U.S. badminton competition and prepares the best players in America for the Olympic Games.

Badminton Players

Badminton in Denmark:
Profiles of the Olympic badminton players representing Denmark.

Badminton Resource Sites

Anita's Badminton Information Site:
A very nice looking badminton resource with links in the country info section.

Badminton Central:
Badminton information website with an online community dedicated to the exchange of information and sharing of love of the game of badminton in the badminton forum.

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