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Summer Olympics

Latest news in the world of Baseball.

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An Olympic medal contender since Barcelona 1992, baseball is often considered an American sport, as the myopically titled World Series only concentrates on the American world of Major League Baseball.

However, the Americans don't always have the upper hand in the world of baseball statistics.

Baseball's all-time home-run champion, Sadaharu Oh, hit 868 during a renowned career in baseball-mad Japan; and the national team of Cuba subdued the Baltimore Orioles 12-6, in a 1999 exhibition match.

The first two baseball gold medals were also won by Cuba, in Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996.

Baseball - Olympic Competition

Teams qualify for the Olympic Games through a regional series that produce two teams each from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

There's also a play-off between the top teams in Oceania and Africa; along with a spot for the host country.

At the Olympic Games

Each team plays the other seven in a round robin, with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals.

The first-placed team then plays the fourth-placed team, and the second plays the third.

The winners of those semi-finals meet to decide the gold and silver medals, with the two losing teams playing for the bronze.

How It's Played

Baseball is played between two teams taking turns at batting and fielding, with the object being to score the most runs in nine innings.

Each team's turn at bat ends when three of its batters have been ruled out.

If the score is tied after nine innings, the teams play one inning at a time until one team gains the lead.

Men Only

The Olympic sport of baseball is only open to men, women compete in softball.

Baseball - Olympic Greats

Orestes Kindelán, of Cuba, played in all of the first three official Olympic baseball tournaments, winning two gold medals (Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996) and a silver medal in Sydney 2000.

As Cuba's appointed hitter at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Kindelán set Olympic records by hitting nine home runs in nine games and batting in 18 runs.

Ben Sheets was instrumental in Team USA getting the better over Cuba, to win the gold in Sydney 2000, with his inspirational pitching.

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Baseball Links

Avenue de Mon Repos 24, Case Postale 131, 1000 Lausanne 5, Switzerland.
Like many sporting federations, the International Baseball Federation has its homebase in Switzerland.


Australian Baseball Federation:
Baseball and its modified games are played in almost every state and territory in Australia. Teams are generally organised by age and ability, starting from the Tee Ballers at age 5 or 6 and going right up through to masters.

Baseball Canada:
Federally incorporated as the Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball, Baseball Canada is the national governing body for baseball in Canada.

The British Baseball Federation.

The Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball.

Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Page.

USA Baseball:
Still celebrating the gold at Sydney 2000 and a little quiet about Athens 2004.

Full Listing of Baseball Federations.

Websites on Baseball

Baseball America:
Features live and historical scoreboards as well as sortable stats for all leagues except the two complex circuits (GCL and AZL).

Baseball Hall of Fame:
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Cooperstown, New York is a shrine to Major League Baseball's greatest players.

Baseball Links:
John Skilton has amassed a comprehensive collection of links to baseball resources, with almost 11,000 unique links categorised.

College Baseball:
States with collegiate links.

Heavy Hitter Directory:
There's so much baseball here, you can almost taste the peanuts and cracker jack.

World Series

History of the World Series:
A Sporting News look at the history behind the World Series..
The official site of Major League Baseball's postseason.

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball:
Sporting News' free to enter fantasy baseball contest.

Fantasy Baseball Cafe:
As owners look for that last-minute trade, or ponder who to keep for next season, several tough decisions lie ahead. Whether you're the commissioner of a long-running roto keeper league or looking for rankings for your very first draft, this site hopes to provide you with all the information you're looking for.

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