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Summer Olympics

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An Olympic sport since Paris 1900, football started with the foundation of the Football Association of England, in 1863.

Football is one of the first team sports to be included in the Olympic Games. As FIFA wasn't founded until May 1904, the London 1908 Olympics are the first football tournament they recognise.

The women first took part in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games; where a record 76,481 people cheered the American women home to gold, in the final against China.

Football - Olympic Competition

Professionals footballers are allowed to play in the men's tournament but they have to be under 23 years old; with the exception of three over-age players.

1908 was the first Men’s Olympic Football Tournament run under FIFA auspices.

The men's tournament involves 16 teams, while the women have 12 teams.

Olympic Honours

Paris 1900 - Great Britain.
St Louis 1904 - Canada.
London 1908 - Great Britain, Denmark, Holland.
Stockholm 1912 - Great Britain, Denmark, Holland.
Antwerp 1920 - Belgium, Spain, Holland.
Paris 1924 - Uruguay, Switzerland, Sweden.
Amsterdam 1928 - Uruguay, Argentina, Italy.
Los Angeles 1932 - (Football was dropped).
Berlin 1936 - Italy, Austria, Norway.
London 1948 - Sweden, Yugoslavia, Denmark.
Helsinki 1952 - Hungary, Yugoslavia, Sweden.
Melbourne 1956 - Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria.
Rome 1960 - Yugoslavia, Denmark, Hungary.
Tokyo 1964 - Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany.
Mexico City 1968 -- Hungary, Bulgaria, Japan.
Munich 1972 - Poland, Hungary, East Germany and USSR.
Montreal 1976 - East Germany, Poland, Soviet Union.
Moscow 1980 - Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Soviet Union.
Los Angeles 1984 - France, Brazil, Yugoslavia.
Seoul 1988 - Soviet Union, Brazil, East Germany.
Barcelona 1992 - Spain, Poland, Ghana.
Atlanta 1996 - Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil.
Sydney 2000 - Cameroon, Spain, Chile.
Athens 2004 - Argentina, Paraguay, Italy.

Atlanta 1996 - USA, China, Norway.
Sydney 2000 - Norway, USA, Germany.
Athens 2004 - USA, Brazil, Germany.

Football - Olympic Greats

Mia Hamm has been an inspiration to American women's football, winning gold in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, silver in Sydney 2000 and gold again in Athens 2004.

Patrick Mboma was influential in Cameroon's success at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The African Footballer of the Year also went on to help his country win the African Nations Cup, in 2002.

Hungary is the most successful nation in the history of the Olympic football tournament with gold medals in Helsinki 1952, Tokyo 1964 and Mexico City 1968; a silver in Munich 1972; and bronze in Rome 1960.

Olympic Sports

Aquatics in the Summer Olympics Archery in the Summer Olympics Athletics in the Summer Olympics Badminton in the Summer Olympics Baseball in the Summer Olympics Basetball in the Summer Olympics Boxing in the Summer Olympics Canoeing in the Summer Olympics Cycling in the Summer Olympics Equestrian in the Summer Olympics Fencing in the Summer Olympics Football in the Summer Olympics Gymnastics in the Summer Olympics Handball in the Summer Olympics
Hockey in the Summer Olympics Judo in the Summer Olympics Pentathlon in the Summer Olympics Rowing in the Summer Olympics Sailing in the Summer Olympics Shooting in the Summer Olympics Softball in the Summer Olympics Table-Tennis in the Summer Olympics Taekwondo in the Summer Olympics Tennis in the Summer Olympics Triathlon in the Summer Olympics Volleyball in the Summer Olympics Weightlifting in the Summer Olympics Wrestling in the Summer Olympics

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Further Reading

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Winter Olympics

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