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An Olympic sport since Athens 1896, shooting has increased to 15 events from the original three in the first Modern Olympics.

Shooting with the rifle, pistol and shotgun has been practised in many countries since the middle Ages. During the 19th Century, however, shooting also developed into a sport with an alliance of shooters forming themselves into associations, federations, councils, confederations, unions and organisations.

Shooting - Olympic Competition

Of the 15 shooting events at the Olympics, six are for women and nine for men.

The running-target, where shooters fire at a moving target (from a distance of 10 metres) as it moves across a two-metre opening, was dropped at Beijing 2008.


Held on shooting ranges with competitors aiming at targets from distances of 10 metres, 25 metres and 50 metres.


Held on shooting ranges with competitors aiming at targets from distances of 10 metres, 25 metres and 50 metres.


Competitors shoot at clay targets propelled in different directions.

The term 'skeet' refers to an old Scandinavian word meaning 'to shoot'.

This competitive target shooting sport was invented in 1920s America by a group of men from Massachusetts; who wanted to improve their shooting eye before hunting season began.

The system calls for simulating the flight pattern of live birds by using hand-propelled, inanimate targets.

Trap shooting is shooting at clay pigeons/targets sprung into the air from a trap.

Men Women
10m air pistol (60 shots)
25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots)
50m pistol (60 shots)

10m air rifle (60 shots)
50m rifle 3 positions (3x40 shots)
50m rifle prone (60 shots)

trap (125 targets)
double trap (150 targets)
skeet (125 targets)

10m air pistol (40 shots)
25m pistol (30+30 shots)

10m air rifle (40 shots)
50m rifle 3 positions (3x20 shots)

trap (75 targets)
skeet (75 targets)

Shooting - Olympic Greats

Sweden's Oscar Swahn was 60 years old when he won his first gold medal, at the London 1908 Olympics; in the running deer single-shot event.

He also won a gold in the team event and a bronze in the running deer, double shots. Swan also won gold and bronze medals in Stockholm 1912 and returned to Olympic competition after World War I, in Antwerp 1920, to win a silver medal in the running deer double-shot team event, at the ripe old age of 72; taking his Olympic tally to three gold medals, one silver and two bronze.

Shan Zhang, representing China, caused an uproar when she beat the men; in the mixed sex skeet shooting event, at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

After the Barcelona Games, the International Shooting Union barred women from shooting against men. There was no skeet shooting event for women at the Atlanta 1996 Games, so Zhang couldn't defend her title.

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Shooting Links

ISSF Headquarter, Bavariaring 21, 80036 München, Germany.
Founded in 1907 as the Union Internationale des Federations et Associations Nationales de Tir, the International Shooting Sport Federation, as it's called today, is the governing body of the shooting sport.

National Federations

Australian Shooting Association:
With a great deal of determination and effort by all levels of the shooting community, and key financial assistance from the Australian Sports Commission, the ASA has stabilised to the point where it is now able to confidently plan for the future, and to build on their success at the Sydney Olympics and the dedication of the ASA affiliate organisations.

British Shooting:
The governing body for all target shooting within Britain. Formerly known as GBTSF - Great Britain Target Shooting Federation.

Ceský Strelecký Svaz: (Czech Republic).

Confederaçăo Brasileira de Tiro Esportivo: (Brazil).

Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation:
The Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation is the national governing body for all clay pigeon and target Olympic and non Olympic shooting in Cyprus.

Dansk Skytte Union: (Denmark).

Deutscher Schützenbund: (Germany).

Eesti Laskurliit:
Estonian Shooting Union.

Federación Mexicana de Tiro y Caza: (Mexico).

Federation Francaise de Tir: (France).

Federazione Italiana Tiro a Volo: (Italy)

Hrvatski Streljacki Savez: (Croatia).

Koninklijke Nederlandse Schutters Associatie: (Holland).

Magyar Sportlövö Szövetseg: (Hungary).

Norges Skytterforbund: (Norway).

Österreichischer Schützenbund: (Austria).

Real Federación Espańola de Tiro Olímpico: (Spain).

Shooting Federation of Canada:
The Shooting Federation of Canada was formed in 1932, under the name of the Canadian Small Bore Rifle Association. In 1949, Supplementary Letters Patent were issued for a change of name to the Canadian Civilian Association of Marksmen. The present name, the Shooting Federation of Canada, was authorised in 1964 when skeet and trap associations affiliated to form one umbrella organisation.

Suomen Ampumaurheiluliitto: (Finland).

Svenska Sportskytteförbundet: (Sweden).

USA Shooting:
USA Shooting, headquartered at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, is the national governing body for the Olympic shooting sports and those governed by the International Sport Shooting Federation.

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