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Bobsleigh has been an Olympic sport since the first games in Chamonix 1924, while the skeleton gained notoriety in St Moritz; where many a mere mortal can pay to go down the Cresta Run in search of the ultimate speed thrill on ice.

Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games

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Bobsleigh consists of three events in the Olympic program: the four-man bob (men), two-man bob (men) and two-woman bob (women).

The men race over two days, with two runs on each day. The total time of the four runs are added together and the winner is the team with the lowest aggregate time.

The women have only two runs, on one day, with the lowest aggregate score again their target for gold.


The skeleton is an individual event; one for men and one for women.

Each event consists of two runs, on the same day, with the lowest aggregate time used to determine the winner.

All times are calculated to 0.01sec and if times are tied, the position is shared.

The skeleton event was only run twice before Salt Lake City 2002; both times in its ancestral home - St. Moritz 1928 and St. Moritz 1948.

Watching these youngsters career down the same track as the bobsleighs, head-first on what looks like a baking tin, may make some of you feel a little queezy.

Bobsleigh - Olympic Greats

As well as winning nine World Championships and two Olympic golds, Italy's Eugenio Monti proved to be an exemplary sportsman by lending the British pair, Antony Nash and Robin Dixon, an axle bolt; which helped them win the gold in Innsbruck 1964.

Jim Shea was born with Olympics in his blood. His grandfather, Jack won two gold medals in speed skating (500m and 1,500m) at Lake Placid 1932; and his father, James, took part in cross-country skiing and the nordic combined in Innsbruck 1964. Jim himself started out as a bobsledder and then turned to skeleton; winning gold in Salt Lake City 2002.

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Bobsleigh Links

Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Federation:
Located in Milan, the FIBT (Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing) is the official body of the sport.

Bobsleigh Canada:
Bobsleigh Canada is the national amateur sport association responsible for all activities pertaining to bobsleigh in Canada.

Bobsleigh Monte-Carlo:
Prince Albert of Monaco gives the Olympic team his seal of approval, by getting in the bob himself.

Deutsche Damenbob:
Ladies im Eiskanal.

Jamaican Bobsled:
The inspiration behind the film, Cool Runnings.

USA Bobsled:
The official home of bobsled and skeleton in the United States.

General Bobsleigh Links

Bobsleigh Athletes:
Biographical information and past race results for a good selection of Bob Runners and skeletons.

Bob Tracks:
Where to see bobsleigh racing and training around the world.

The Origins of Bobsleigh:
Learn more about the history of Bobsleigh.

The Rules of Bobsleigh and Skeleton:
The fastest way down an icy slope in a metal jacket does have it's technicalities.

Have Some Fun

Ultimate Bobsled:
Run the gauntlet in this Olympic style Ultimate Bobsled game.

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