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Although curling (for men) was on the medal menu at the first Winter Olympics, in Chamonix 1924, it didn't appear again until Nagano 1998.

Curling at the Winter Olympic Games

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Curling may have originated from Scotland; where the game was played on frozen ponds and lochs, with stones used from river beds; the earliest written records of curling are found at Scotland’s Paisley Abbey and date back to 1541.

Olympic Curling

In the Olympics there are two events: curling men and curling women; each event starting with ten teams.

A team consists of four players with two stones each. Team members take it in turns to push their stones along the ice towards a series of circles. The object being to get as close to the centre as possible and knock your opponents' stones out of the way.

The game lasts for ten ends; an end being when all 16 stones have been released by the players, and the winner is the team with the most points.

Curling Rules:
It all sounds simple but officially there's more to curling than that.

Curling - Olympic Greats

Canada and Switzerland make quite a habit of getting on the podium for sliding stones across the ice.

Curling Medal History

Chamonix 1924 (men): Great Britain; Sweden; France.

Men's Curling

Nagano 1998: Switzerland; Canada; Norway.

Salt Lake City 2002: Norway; Canada; Switzerland.

Turin 2006: Canada; Finland; USA.

Women's Curling

Nagano 1998: Canada; Denmark; Sweden.

Salt Lake City 2002: Great Britain; Switzerland; Canada.

Turin 2006: Sweden; Switzerland; Canada.

Winter Sports

Biathlon in the Winter Olympics Bobsleigh in the Winter Olympics Curling in the Winter Olympics Ice-Hockey in the Winter Olympics Luge in the Winter Olympics Skating in the Winter Olympics Skiing in the Winter Olympics

Curling Links

World Curling Federation:
All the latest news from the curling world.

Canadian Curling Association:
Includes a searchable index of all the members of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame and a growing links directory devoted to curling.

Finnish Curling Association:
Also known as Suomen Curlingliitto.

European Curling Federation:
A few links to previous and forthcomming European Championships.

New Zealand Curling Association:
The New Zealand Curling Association (NZCA) is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of curling -- New Zealand's coolest game.

Royal Caledonian Curling Club:
Established, in 1838, to regulate the ancient Scottish game of Curling.

US Curling Association:
With links and contact numbers of curling clubs around the United States.

General Curling Links

Curling Basics:
An excellent Macromedia presentation showing basic curling situations by way of animated examples. A must visit to get a feel for the game of curling.

Foreign Language Curling Sites

Dansk Curling Forbund.

Norges Curlingforbund.

Svenska Curlingförbundet.

Schweizerischer Curling-Verband.

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