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An Olympic sport since Innsbruck 1964, Luge means sled, in French.

Luge at the Winter Olympic Games

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There are three events in the Olympics: singles Men, singles Women and the mixed doubles.

Luge Singles

In the singles, the times of the four runs are added together to determine the winner. The event is held over two days, with competitors making two runs each day.

Men and women sled down the same track, although the women's start is lower down.

Luges Doubles

The doubles event takes place on one day only and just two runs are made; with the times of the two runs added together to determine the winner.

Although there's nothing in the rules to say that the double be of the same sex, more often than not it's two men who ride down together; with the larger one lying on top of the smaller; to help the aerodynamics.

Luge Olympic Greats

German-born Georg Hackl is the only luger to have won medals at five consecutive Winter Olympics in the singles luge: silver in Calgary 1988; gold in Albertville 1992, Lillehammer 1994 and Nagano 1998 (with his new, aerodynamically advanced yellow booties) and silver in Salt Lake City 2002.

Italian luger, Armin Zoeggeler, took part for the first time in the Winter Olympic Games at the age of twenty; sliding down third in Lillehammer 1994.

Zoeggeler started to put pressure on Germany's Georg Hackl by finishing second to him in Nagano 1998, before beating him to gold in Salt Lake City 2002. The Italian then repeated his win, on home soil, in Turin 2006; to become the only athlete from Italy to win four consecutive Olympic medals.

Germany's Stefan Krausse and Jan Behrendt are the only double sliders to earn medals in four Olympics: silver in Calgary 1988, gold in Albertville 1992, bronze in Lillehammer 1994 and their second gold medal in Nagano 1998.

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Luge Links

International Luge Federation:
All the latest news on Luge, from the sport's governing body -- the FIL (Fédération Internationale de Luge de Course). Be warned, the pages load slower than a luge with an elephant on it.

Luge Athletes:
Search the database to find out more about the Olympic sliders.

Luge Canada:
Explore the Luge Track at Calgary's Olympic Park or find out more about the Canadian luge athletes.

USA Luge:
The United States Luge Association.

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